introducing the cutest, sweetest, bestest baby ever!

my little puddle of love.  my ooey gooey gum-drop.  my little fat pat.  mmmm…baby.

anyways, the news is we broke out the cloth diapers a month ago and it’s been a dream.  apparently the second time is a charm.  you wouldn’t believe the trouble shooting that goes into the little beasts the first go.  and the money.  i would never do cloth for just one kid, since it truly only pays off the second time.  but here are some things i’ve learned, in no particular order:  i like fleece lined diapers, they keep the baby feeling dryer.  however, i was not impressed with the way my fuzzi bunz held up.  they will probably only do three kids.  i did like the heft of the fleece in the bum genius, but velcro is a nightmare to wash any way you look at it.  which means on baby number six i will probably go this route.  also known as the cheap, less fashionable route.  but i am sure by then i will be quite hardened and it won’t matter.  i am also convinced that this is the be all end all of diaperhood.  otherwise i wouldn’t be playing.  it’s flippin’ genius and that’s all there is too it.  a dry pail didn’t work for me and a woman of my delicate sensibilities would not be seen anywhere near a sloshing poop bucket.   it’s true.   also, i am not a fan of one size diapers.  the poor kids can’t fit their humungo butts in their clothes as is.  besides, i have discovered that a fuzzi bunz perfect size medium fits babies at 2 months all the way up to two years and that is “one size” enough for me.  besides, newborns seem to poop on the hour and i’m not up for that kind of wash.  the next trick is dressing their disproportionate backsides.  onesies are no longer an option.  they wick moisture from the diaper because they fit so snug.  so baby t-shirts are the thing to find.  that, and for some reason i am loving jammies without feet right now.  i don’t know why, but i will go down and hunt one out of the dryer before putting anything else on her.  i am also loving my “herbatergent.”    my definite favorite so far and i have tried quite a few.

right now i wash every three days, but i am looking to bump it up to four with the addition of a few new diapers.  with baby poo i just throw it all in the pail, with nasty poo i hold it over the toilet to see if anything feels the conviction of gravity.  if not, i just throw it all in the pail anyways, because i’m like that.  i do a spin cycle and change the water  every night.  by the time i throw it in the machine on wash day i don’t have to do a pre-rinse.  i just run it on hot with detergent and flip the “extra rinse” button on my machine, so it gets two rinses coming out.  and i can truly say that i have not even noticed that i am using cloth.  in fact, it seems more convenient than disposable because i always have them.  i do my wash when she has one diaper left.  or, if she has just pooped i will wash them all except for the one she is wearing.  it quite feels like victory.  yay.


2 Responses to “introducing the cutest, sweetest, bestest baby ever!”

  1. 1 Jessica May 3, 2011 at 9:49 am

    AW nothing better than a fat baby in cloth fluff! My little guy is 7 months and 26 lbs and well my favorite thing for him to wear is JUST his diaper so I can see every delicious little roll on his marshmallow body! It’s too cute. Babies are so deliciously sweet. My husband always says he hasn’t ever tasted one before….he just doesn’t get it!

    Cloth is wonderful! Oh and you are so right it saves so much the more kids you have! Another excuse to have more!

    Oh and I have to agree that pocket diapers are the best. Have you looked into Sunbaby? The Squirmie Worm Coop has them for 3.80 each and we love them. They are snap and one size and fleece lined and really cute prints!

  2. 2 Sam May 3, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    I love your blog. I originally found it three years ago when I googled “hooter hider tutorial”:)

    I used happy heinys pocket diapers with my daughter who is now three. They were great, but the best diapers I ever used (and cheapest!!!!) were exactly what you linked to above; prefold, snappi, rubber pants. They don’t leak. They fit nicely under clothing. And they’re cheap. Did I mention they’re cheap?

    And yes, she is the cutest baby in the world. Besides mine.

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