the big day

you do know what day it is, don’t you?

jael does!  it’s the royal wedding!  jaelly belle and i watched it live at 4 a.m. this morning.  it was so fun.  i think my favorite part was the trees in westminster abbey.  it was a nice, delicate, tasteful, spring wedding.  not at all like i would do, but i guess that’s okay.  …i’d probably try to fill the abbey up with pink balloons.  yes, there’s no telling.

you wouldn’t believe the hard luck i had digging up fellow anglophiles in this town.  my friend ada settled for a lunch party.   she thought i was a little off my rocker when i tried to come over at 6:00.

one princess to another.

and it’s time to break out the royal doulton.  the girls did enjoy their tea.  they didn’t even break anything.  …spilled, but didn’t break.

we also had a little english breakfast.  fried eggs, sausage, fried mushrooms, english muffins, and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms.  and for dessert ada whipped up some coconut sticky rice.

it’s nice to have friends.  i mean, it’s obviously a national holiday and i’m sure everyone wants to take off work and school, eat fried food and cheer on the monarchy.

you have to start them young.

it was just so romantic.  and i think i want the sound track, the music was lovely.  especially the song “jerusalem,” written by william blake.  (p.s.  i cooked the sausages.  that’s why they look like that.  if you were wondering.)

here they all are entranced and below shouting, “rule brittania!”

i hope they all had as much fun as i did.  it’s a happy day.


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  1. 1 katya April 29, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    I rather think we could be kindred spirits … if I had a daughter.

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