the plan

i’ve been playing with schedules for a while.  and mostly i’ve given up.  i mean, how could i govern my multi-tasking mastermind anyways?  but one can do something with the droids.  so this is where we are at.

my goal is to get the boys doing certain things every day without me telling them.  i thought putting on pants would be an obvious way to start the day.  but i was wrong.  so now, they eat breakfast and then they put on pants.  end of story.  they don’t build lego speeders on their way to get their pants, and then forget and reenact the battle hoth in their underwear.  i find that once they get used to doing things in order they are easier to get to do things at all.  now they know that when they come in from running they grab their school books and go sit at the table.  (i hope to work them up to 5 miles by the time they are in junior high.  i just feel so evil.)

but it’s been a very encouraging week.  after a bumpy three months life is coming together.  not to mention, monday they are coming to clean my carpets.  i will be a new woman.  the only thing that really bites is having to go to the gym.  i’m bound and determined to stick it out but truly, it’s just no way to live.  wednesday morning i remember coming into consciousness on a cycle listening to hip hop wondering, “wasn’t i just in bed?  what am i doing?  for the love of god!”  i don’t want to think about it.  although coming home at 7, reading and singing with the kids, and then jumping in my jacuzzi tub while marc babysits is the highlight of my day.  then he goes to work and i have to chip the corn chex off the floor by myself  and notice the baseboards i haven’t painted yet and wonder what i’m making for dinner and evaluate if the sound emanating through the floor vent is for good or for evil.  i’ve got quite a sound bank cataloged.

to sum it up, here are some things i’ve learned.  schedule the first things first.  set my anchors.  meals, bedtimes, school times, reading times, exercise, etc.  i had to bump my study time with my gym time and haven’t quite found out where to put it.  i’m too tired at night.  not to mention, the only way i can convince myself to get out of bed in the morning is the assurance that i actually did have 8 hours of sleep.  so my next strategy (and it is pretty sad) is to put my bible by my computer and every time i visit google, my email or facebook i can read a chapter.  that’s just mercenary, i know.  that and i am bumping prayer time to bath time.  which is even worse.  but sad to say, my morning cup of tea has been sacrificed to lady gaga and the elliptical.  there’s not much for it.

the other thing i’m trying to value is a decent breakfast.  my friend jessa makes a quinoa mush for her kids with mashed banana, almond butter, hemp oil and toasted coconut.  so we’re trying that and my own take on mcdonald’s new oatmeal.  i make mine with steel cut oats and cream, golden raisins, craisins, and chopped apples.  the egg cups are back out too now that the chickens are laying again.  oh yes, and another thing i have learned (that everyone else seems to already know) is to clean my kitchen immediately.  i mean, how hard is it?  (that’s why my mother-in-law has to tip the waiter 20% anytime she takes my kids out to eat and still feels compelled to apologize.)  what i want to know is who is going to tip me?

also, i’m trying to automate as many things as possible.  i don’t have time to tell midgets to brush their teeth three times each for a total of nine.  put on pants, brush teeth.  and i’m sick and tired of telling people to clean up toys.  so i schedule it before mealtimes.  i’ll feed them when i can see the floor.  another things i like is setting boundaries for toys.  thus far shall they go and no farther.  no toys upstairs and no toys in the bedroom.  which helps with my other goal of keeping at least one room in my house clean at all times so i can receive guests.  i try to hit the living room first in the morning and then the dining room, branching out from there.  so far, i’m mostly an army of one.  i’ve noticed that a lot of people give their children more chores than i give mine but frankly, i don’t trust them during the pupa stage.  i let them try to make their bed but it is a total mockery.  however, i have found that there are a few things a 5 and 6 year old can do decently.  they can clear a table, take care of the compost, unload a dishwasher, put away their own clothes, and unpack groceries.  beyond that i’m rather stumped as to what they are good for.  i have no idea how old they would have to be before i would let them clean a bathroom.  marc can’t even clean a bathroom.  speaking of bathrooms, total genius.  his and hers.  all the way.  i’m getting little signs to make it more clear.  it’s magic.

and i can’t believe how long it took me to learn this.  do my hair.  i don’t feel human until i am put together.  i don’t do anything until i’ve flossed and hit myself up with finishing spray and lip gloss.  my pants may not fit but i have fabulous, assassin hair.  another thing i’ve had to prioritize is the boys’ reading.  i just set the timer and point them to the couch.  i’ve pretty much given up reading to them.  i try to always be working through a chapter book with the boys, but marc does most of the reading.  which is why i love daddy time.  he makes up for most of my neglect.  books on tape make up the rest.  it also keeps going to bed bickering at a minimum.  they go straight into little, fascinated comas.  another thing i like is having a no toy rule after dinner.  they play with daddy, not their toys.  which helps them focus more on him and stalls the decay process.  plus, i am able to blitz the house some more while he has them distracted.  which brings me to the holy grail of motherhood.  going to bed with a clean house.  if i can go to bed with a clean house i can totally rule the next day.  if not, it’s a miry pit that leads to the depths of hell.

so those are some thoughts.  i know i don’t think much on this blog so i hope it’s not too much of a shock.  don’t worry, tomorrow i’m just going to do a post on my new gingham valances.  yay.


6 Responses to “the plan”

  1. 1 Liz April 15, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Love it. Thanks for posting this. I majorly need to get myself organized and I like seeing someone else’s schedule. Jason’s been after me to do one for myself, but I keep putting it off.

    Seriously – thank you. Just hearing about your plans is encouraging for me.

  2. 2 bec April 16, 2011 at 10:00 am

    I can never tell if Isaac has made his bed. and sometimes he says he has just so he can go play. sigh. now i have to decide if I am teaching him to lie…

    but I love the schedule! wish i could stick with one.

  3. 3 Kandi April 16, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    can’t get over the 5:45am mommy time… you amaze me… i need you for my house wife

  4. 4 Jessica M. April 20, 2011 at 9:09 am

    Loved this post. Thanks for reminding me of all the things I know I should do but haven’t for a while. 🙂

  5. 5 mavis April 26, 2011 at 11:19 am

    liz – i know! i love seeing what other people are up to in the nitty gritty. i will want to see yours next. 😉

    so far i am loving mine. it’s so much easier to keep on track. at the same time i only scheduled the big things so it’s not overwhelming.

  6. 6 Shannon April 26, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    Have the boys empty small trash cans. I am in the same mode you are in…taking small steps! Trying to focus on the big things so I don’t overwhelm myself, too! Good on you. You have me ready to type up a schedule to help remind us all to stay on task!

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