and her favorite color is….

green, actually.  but there is just something quintessential about a pink kitchen.  i just had to have one.  i mean, think of the resale value.  everybody wants one.  and i’m just getting started.

for instance, i want one of these.  a decorative header for the french doors.  i’m thinking of running bead-board abound as a chair rail.  just because it’s such a tight spot around the table and there is quite a bit of chair violence.  and then i want this:

in pink.  badly.  except i think i want the one with the british flag background.  which reminds me, today during classical conversations they played beethoven’s 6th symphony to the kids and asked them what it reminded them of.  i was thinking to myself, “ahh, i wish i was in england.”  at which point gideon raised his hand and said, “it makes me think of england!”  which prompted jehu to say, “it reminds me of england too!”  not only am i a die-hard anglophile, i take every opportunity to do the same to my children.  which is why they sleep under a 5 foot union jack and don’t set foot out of the house without their caps and wellies.  i have no shame.

in other news i bought a $25 light fixture.  see it?  it looks nicer in person.  (this is horrible lighting, by the way.)  i have also narrowed down my new formica to “virrvarr white.”  it has a grey, retro-ish pattern to it.  and probably skinny white subway tiles for a back-splash.  all of which i would have had already if “rahab the arab the pirate baby” hadn’t been so scandalously expensive.  and don’t you love her new nickname?  then there is the one thing that is absolutely driving me crazy.  my floor needs to be refinished, everything sticks to it.  it’s supposed to be glossy you know.  my husband wants to refinish it, he does, truly.  it is at the top of his list (i’ve seen it).  but apparently he has this deep seeded inhibition about it because it’s been there a year now.  i am just hoping my tiles haven’t become too stained.  it’s really the last straw.  but if it ever does get refinished i am going to run out and buy mop boards and do a happy dance.

and just so you know how serious i am about my home renovations, i’ve bargained with my husband to put my cupboard doors on.  all i have to do is get up at 5:30 every morning and go to the gym for an hour for 21 week days in a row.  he drives a hard bargain.  the cupboard doors have only been in the attic for two years now.  but what i really want are cupboards on each side of the stove so i can get some stuff off the counters.  i won’t push my luck.  i just need to get gayla to share uncle chad….

and here is my spoon art from my sister-in-law becca.  and my “miranda and the cake” embroidery from dearest mackenzie.  as well as the vintage looking signage from my sister natalie.  see, now how was that for a tour de force?  except i didn’t even mention that i want pink glass knobs on my cupboards, did i?  i do.  actually, the more i think about it the more i conclude that my list of perceived needs is not nearly complete.  true enough!  i almost forgot.  i want to sew a bazillion table cloths.  i don’t have a single one (of my bazillion) that fits this table.  it’s horrible.  and i want one with pom poms.  …and a porcelain sink and a new refrigerator.


3 Responses to “and her favorite color is….”

  1. 1 Jessica March 29, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Every time I see a pink appliance I think of your kitchen! I almost bought a pink hair dryer last week but I went with the orange one…I was so tempted by the pink…but lately I’ve been on an orange kick. Your orange bathroom is inspiring me…I need to paint one of our bathrooms orange. I should make it a project for while my hubby is travelling. It be a nice shock for him when he got home. 😉

    On the color green–I have a green kitchen. But it’be cooler if it were an brighter green it’s a olive green one. You can’t beat pink though. I’d buy your house in an instant! You are very fun with the color accents you’ve added. Oh and I love houses with natural character.

  2. 2 mavis March 29, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    thanks jessica. 🙂 and you’re right. i don’t like it when every house gets the standard, suburban-style renovation. it’s soul sucking. this is much more fun.

    and p.s. i did buy the pink hairdryer.

  3. 3 Jessica March 29, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    I should have known you had the pink hair dryer!!! I wish they came out with fire engine red ones too. That would be a nice fun color for a hair dryer also.

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