cuz i’m up to something

i’ve been busy since baby number four.  not only did i feel that i had to rearrange my schedule i also felt like i had to rearrange the whole house.  life needed a good smack.  smacks are best given in the form of paint.  just clawing my way to the top.  (i’m not sure what kind of ladder it is but i continue to be ambitious.)

the first thing i did was paint the mirror yellow, which i sort of like.  and then rearranged the living room.  switched out the throw pillows and throws.  moved in a bookcase.  that and i just bought a gallon of cream paint to recover the whole upstairs.  like my mother, i don’t wash walls i just paint them.  cancer never felt so good.

it’s still a little finicky and cluttered.  but i haven’t had time to think about it much.  i’m sure once the boys break a few more nick nacks it should be just about right.

my biggest accomplishment was saving enough money to buy sheers and a double curtain rod for the picture window.  which faces a busy street.  so hello privacy.  i’m sure the neighbors will miss us.  the last curtain rod had four brackets holding it up so i never even bothered to close the curtains.  (it’s a long story.)  fortunately i wasn’t one of the neighbors or else i would have been sitting on the sidewalk with a bag of popcorn every evening come 7:00.  which i am sure would have been fascinating.

other than new paint this rooms still needs more new paint.  trim.  bah.  this time i have learned my lesson and i am going with the $55 a gallon sherwin william’s trim paint.  because i am not painting trim every year and a half.  who wants to paint trim ever?  hopefully this time it can hold it’s own.  i also have my eyes on a tile job for the landing, new trim for the front door and i am thinking about ballooning the bottoms of the sheers since they have to be hemmed anyways.  suffice to say, i could continue to get in trouble in this room for quite some time.  and then there is the rest of the house.  just wait and see, just wait and see.


2 Responses to “cuz i’m up to something”

  1. 1 Jessica M. March 28, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Very nice. I’m looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

  2. 2 Jessica March 28, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    I want your kitchen!! It’s awesome!

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