oh look, it’s a chair.

a long time ago, my friend kandi gave me some old chairs which i faithfully kept in my garage for the “great day.”  actually, i think for a short stint they served as sawhorses in the backyard because my husband failed to comprehend my vision.

fortunately, when you can’t find people who understand your vision (which there seems to be a true shortage) then you just find someone you can boss around.  so last summer my brother kindly glued one of the chairs together for me.  i bought him an avocado bubble tea and told him nice things.  but the picture says it all.

now finally, yes finally, it is a chair.  a pink one at that.  the unfortunate thing is that there are two.  and reuben has moved to ecuador.  this is a bummer.

as i do need another one of these beauties at the other end of my table.  meanwhile this one typically lurks in the basement (in front of the computer) until i have company or more children.  the other one still haunts me from the attic.


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  1. 1 Kandi November 10, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    oh, it looks so nice!

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