i’ve done been shabbied

i was a little horrified at first but i have grown accustomed.  i mean, isn’t it all right if you do it on accident?

this is the vintage vanity i inherited from marc’s grandpa.  (it didn’t look this vintage before.)  i spent a whole day prepping and painting it and finally finished it off in the dark.  of course that’s the night it decided to rain.  when i woke up in the morning the first thing i thought was, “gah!  gayla is going to kill me!”  followed closely by, “wait, do i have to paint that again?”  and then rather slyly by, “…hey, i think i’ll just leave it and say i did it on purpose.”  genius.

i mean, shabby is all right if you do it because you’re lazy and not because you have some kind of militant psychosis like your mother.  that’s my theory.

i am kind of happy with the vintage piece of fabric i found to cover the seat in.  it makes it look more authentic.  i’m still working on the rest of my room.  i need to sew curtains, patch some holes in the wall, trim out the door, frame some art, paint…  you know, the same very old story.


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  1. 1 Dawn Abbott November 5, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    I absolutely LOVE the fabric on the bench. I’m partial to bark cloth myself. 🙂

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