gideon’s first day of first grade

“do they have whips?” he asked.  i told him yes.

wouldn’t want him to get the wrong idea.

he’s actually enrolled just one day a week in a classical conversations group.  the rest of the time we’re boring homeschoolers.  jehu gets to tag along too, since I have to be there, but i’m not technically starting him until next year.  (hooray for late birthdays!)

and just so you know, they dressed themselves.  i’m not such a total dork.  my guess is that they think white button-ups are as close as they can get to the british navy.  horatio hornblower was never seen in a t-shirt.

it was a good time.

…not exactly had by all.

actually, i don’t know why she was giving me the stink eye.  she was such a good little girl.  she get’s mad when i drop the boys off at awanas without her.  so i guess she was feeling special and decided not to have any screaming fits.  except she was rather indignant about the fact that she didn’t have a pack-pack.

personally, i’m ready for summer vacation.  can i start making paper chains yet?


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  1. 1 mom September 16, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    I think Gideon looks a little nervous. Jehu looks ready to learn something too. Are you sure they wont charge you for two. They look really handsome. How come Jael is not wearing a pretty dress? I will keep a look out for a back pak for a princess.

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