my sheep arrived today

did i tell you i was hot after a sheep?  it was a sudden urge.  after the fed ex guy dropped it off i thought, “why do i need this?”  well, it was mad money.  i like to buy completely unjustifiable things with mad money.  otherwise i feel dirty.

also, i said it was for the baby.  (neglecting to admit the fact that if it was *for* the baby and didn’t match the decor – well then the baby could forget about it.  yes, that is the kind of parent i am.  ask anyone.)

but i do hope it will be a good snuggle spot.  my room gets the best light in the house, so maybe some books and doll doll’s will migrate there with time.  i invited the post-nap jael in to check it out.

however she was a little too besotted with herself at the time to comment.  who can blame her?


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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