goofing off

i just enjoyed a nice visit from my sister.  she called me up friday night and said, “you know how i said i wanted to come see you at easter?  can i come tomorrow?”  that’s how she rolls, i wasn’t surprised.

so she threw her two babies in the car and drove 7 hours to see me for the weekend.  hooray, hooray!  here we are getting ready to head out to sushi leaving marc to babysit the five little ones.

and the children are all enraptured with sister sarah.  especially jael.  marc and i weren’t allowed to pick her up if sarah was in the vicinity.  she disowned us in favor of another mother.  it’s true.  and jehu…well, here is a prime jehu quote.  he sidled up to her in church, batted his eyes and said, “i like your shirt.”  after closer inspection he said, “and i really like that little black shirt underneath.”  my son disturbs me.  and he pretty much creeps out sarah, although she is too nice to admit it.

getting ready for bed and going on a picnic in the morning.  my favorite is walking the canals in boise.  you get to spy on all manner of lovely back yards and then loop around on your way home and spy out the front.  so much better than actually venturing into nature.

we also went shopping and found sarah a disposable wedding ring.  i believe she looses her real one every two weeks.  i’m sure her collection of admirers were starting to get confused.  anyways, i told her that now she can look forward to loosing her ring since she will just get to go pick out a new one.  genius.

saying goodbyes.  and sarah trying to poke out the baby’s eye.  i’m not sure.  and you can see jehu stomping around in the background in my pink boots.

that was that.  i’ve still got to clean up this basement.  you can see misterchievous on the left grinning from ear to ear.  he did have lots of fun messing it up.


4 Responses to “goofing off”

  1. 1 Aunt Meggy March 23, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    jehu’s a special boy, for sure.

  2. 3 Nightmare from Washington March 24, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    U and your sister are like putting rabbits in a cage and leaving them alone to their own devices.




    ETC…. ETC….

  3. 4 Gayla March 28, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    And we love each kid.

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