another weekend visit from my family.  they are so wonderful.  this time they brought us a truck, a chicken coop, a pair of lucky jeans that fit me perfectly, a beehive, a lifetime supply of brown rice and oatmeal and…

to top it off they did all the projects my husband won’t touch with a ten foot pole.  like gluing together this marvelous chair.  so i can paint it hot pink and upholster it in toile.  unfortunately, there are two and reuben only finished one.  so marc will have to tackle the other.  i mentioned this to him and he said, “oh really.”  and then chucked it back in the attic.

other projects included hand carving door molding to fit in a crooked corner and then notching around the hinges.  upon completion my dad stood back and said, “wow, boy is going to love me.”  he then proceeded to make the door opening on the coat closet a quarter of an inch smaller because i didn’t like the gap.  it’s true, it couldn’t be endured.  that’s why they travel with a table saw tied to the top of the roof because they anticipate all sorts of unreasonable demands.

then natalie and reuben went out and bought me a pink teapot for my birthday.  partly because i tactfully reminded them they had forgot all about me and partly because i blackmailed them.  after which natalie cleaned my dustpan to a shine.  out of the goodness of her heart.  i was unsure what to do with it myself since you just can’t put it in the dishwasher.  at which point my mind goes blank.

they also bought me chickens.  annie and clarabelle.  the most beautiful birds you ever saw.  marc says they are just tiny dinosaurs with feathers but i still find them quite attractive.  and fluffy.  just don’t look them in the eye.  it’s unnerving.  chickens are best viewed from afar.

reuben and i on our way to church (we match).  and then scoping out an empty house.

my mother can hardly live with herself after i showed it to her.  3,000 square feet on 7 acres for $327,000.  it is terribly charming.  the pictures really don’t do it justice.  you have to wander around.

and jael’s cousin mia letting her paint her toes.  which was very accommodating to say the least.  i don’t trust her for a second.

thank you for the lovely visit and for spoiling me.  maybe someday i will come visit and organize your silverware drawer again.  i know you love it.  *m


3 Responses to “family”

  1. 1 Aunt Meggy March 9, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    cute hair. cute babies. cute teapot.

  2. 2 Gayla March 9, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    That little toe painter looks engrossed. Did you get any pictures of her at her birthday party?

  3. 3 Cathy Olliffe March 13, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Adorable children, beautifully photographed. Boy, you sure are brave, though, entertaining all those kids!

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