the boys call cupcakes put-takes and somehow the name transferred over to girl.  hence, this is the song i sing her every day: “little put-take, tiny put-take, mommy’s sweet little girl.  you’re so beautiful and so wonderful, mommy loves her princess girl.”  i am that besotted (don’t tell).  it’s embarrassing the things you say to your children, not to mention sing.

anyways, we whipped up some more cupcakes with her leftover birthday frosting.  they’re a riot.  i love the new neon food coloring.  on the back of the box there are directions for mixing fun colors like apricot and green apple.  it makes you want to do something crazy.

i still need to get around to posting some pictures of jael’s birthday.  i’m kind of hoping to scare up some more pictures from friends.  i didn’t take very many and you would be sadly disappointed.  but we had a lovely time, i assure you.  and girl made off with all kinds of girl loot.  she appears to be sated and has been marching around the house in a pink tutu, glitter shoes and a runny nose ever since.


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  1. 1 mackenzie March 2, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    They’re pupcakes in our house. And the neon food coloring is the absolute best. We’ve had some pretty fabulous colors of frosting in our house. Love your colored coconut, makes me hungry.

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