gideon’s first day of school

yes, we’re a little late.  i tried to get my house painting wrapped up enough to feel comfortable starting something new.  in the end i just gave up and decided to do both.  what the hey.


we ordered the victory pre-drill book and level k math from modern curriculum press.  that was the hardest part, just picking something out.  and then my mother took gideon school shopping.  he’s been quite expectant having to sit on his new backpack and pencils for so long.


but he was such a good student.  he worked very hard for a full hour without a single complaint.  we’ll see what happens once the novelty wears off.  and i assure you, it will.  in which case, we’ll just have to have a little chat about the curse and carry on.  because i’m not going to sing or break out the paste.  (she’s bad.)


but i did have a lovely time.  it’s kind of nice to be forced to spend time with your own children.  instead of windexing or climbing extension ladders.


i love my number one son.


4 Responses to “gideon’s first day of school”

  1. 1 Grandad and Grandma September 18, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    Gideon “Happy First Day of School.” No yellow bus for you. School is lots of fun and you are very smart, but now you will learn so much more. Love Grandma. P.S. I put package in the mail today.

  2. 2 tiffany September 19, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    We are doing Classical Conversations. The songs come on a CD for you. 🙂 And you are so right- picking what you are going to use is the hardest part. There is so much good material to choose from. Glad you found something you like. Are you all a schedule sort of household, or whatever time works best that day. We do school after nap and pre-dinner. We are not morning people. 🙂

  3. 3 sybil September 20, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Gosh, I didn’t know you were going to do school at home. Be sure to ask me about books, I still have tons from “the good ol’ days” at home. Your library surely is better than the boxes upstairs, downstairs and out in the garage.
    You’re going to have so much fun!

  4. 4 mavis September 21, 2009 at 9:08 am

    mom – i read gideon your comment and the first thing he said was “ooo, dagger swords.” how did you know exactly what he wanted? 😉

    tiffany – that looks fun. except there are no groups in idaho. and we are hitting it at 2:00 when jael and jehu nap. works great.

    sybil – for sure lady! thanks for thinking of me.

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