the germain adventure cont…

saturday my mother took us to plummer for some mandatory adventure.  even though we all whined and said we would rather stay home and read books.  when you get old having fun is sooo hard.  but we obliged.


one must think of the children.


mom also conned natalie into wading out in the nastiest, seaweed infested water to fetch these lilies.  which were quite beautiful, except for the bugs.  nature has such a dark side (and is best avoided whenever possible).


when we set out in the morning i packed only three diapers because girl pooped humungo that morning.  and then she did it three more times before lunch.  she was easy breezy the rest of the day.


see, there she flies down the dock.  “i’m free, i’m free!”



later we rode on the trail of the coeur d’alenes.  the boys liked chatcolet bridge and jehu liked making the cross traffic nervous in his propulsion ready perch on reuben’s handle bars.  safety isn’t an issue around here.  perhaps illustrated by the fact that we practically had to hold my dad down to keep him from climbing the bridge.  “no climbing the bridge dad!  what do you think this is?”


and now we are safe at home.  where it turns out, auntie piolet missed us.  ohhh.


the next couple of days i am going to hole up outside and finish painting this house.  wish me luck.


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  1. 1 Mitch September 13, 2009 at 3:30 pm


    PS. What you doin to your houses now. Aunt and Cousin? We only wonder wih you.

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