ghetto update

this is what i did this week.  woo-hoo.  actually, i’ve been prepping for the last month.  but this week i got the first coat of primer on the north side.  and i got the cable one guys to come take down all their frankenstein cables everywhere.  whoever lived here before thought they needed cable into ever single room (minus the bathroom and kitchen) with three satellites mounted to the roof for back-up.  their day is done.


observe the improvement.


the rest of the house isn’t even scraped all the way, but i needed to get paint on this side because every time the temperature would change, more paint would decide to come off.  i almost had it done and then we had a week long rain storm and i had to entirely redo it.  i have learned my lesson.  so this side is primed/caulked and ready to go.  unfortunately, there are four sides to a house…  but, before i had the chance to become too discouraged, my mother and father volunteered to come over for a week and show me how it’s done.  they will be here this evening.  now talk about spoiled.  : P


2 Responses to “ghetto update”

  1. 1 mom August 21, 2009 at 10:10 am

    so much nicer. doesnt look like a white trash wendy homesite. cant wait to come all my paint clothes are packed

  2. 2 Mitch August 23, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    I’ve done enough of that scraping and painting. Thats my newest job. Jeez.
    Anyways. Miranda. Mind if i stop by in a short few weeks? Still haven’t a clue where you live in boise?

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