it’s too hot to blog

really, it is.  sometimes i wonder what i have got myself into.  anyways, today (joy of all joys) i thought i would share my yogurt container collection.  the thrill.  the wonder.  who eats that much yogurt?  well, gideon.  and marc insisted on saving all the containers.  when i cleaned the cupboards the other day i decided to go all out, and there you have it. 


of course, i would rather have matching glass containers with the little flippy tops, but no such luck.  and below is marc’s spice collection (adams peanut butter jars are the best).   his lentil and rice collection however, which he keeps in 12 cardboard, oatmeal tubs, leaves much to be desired.  that is just not right.   


i have succeeded in getting rid of all the random boxes and cans in the cupboard.  but we still have a nice collection of bottles and jars.  someday i hope to have a real, walk-in pantry without a single label or brand name in sight.  it’s interesting where you can end up when you start thinking about food.  you can come up with a whole philosophy.  so far, i want to buy my dry goods off the online co-op along with whatever dairy, and make up the difference from my garden.  simplify, simplify.  in the future i want to have some acreage.  in which case, jehu has laid claim to taking care of chickens, gideon is dying to become a beekeeper and i can just see jaelbait turning into a cute little goat milker.  maybe i will never have to go to the store again.  i remember reading an article about a lady, here in boise, who decided to quit going to the store.  it is more plausible than you think.  she found a local farm and took her kids with her to pick up eggs, she hunted down a place to buy local produce and even found a local dairy that did home delivery.  


and here are the kids picking corn the other day.  gideon hauled his wagon around the block and passed them out to the neighbors.


we’ve been having lots of fun eating out of the garden.  gideon and jehu check their zucchini’s, cucumbers, strawberries and pumpkins every day.  “there’s another one!”  they even ate rhubarb pie yesterday because they were so excited that they helped pick it.


4 Responses to “it’s too hot to blog”

  1. 1 mom August 4, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    in reply to a pet. i have tried to get you a dog, a cat. so how aobout this plan. when i come down next i am going to bring 3 baby chickens. i think it will be perfect. 3 chicken eggs a day and no rooster to make a fuss. plus i will supply all the extras. like a pen,watering dishes and the chick food. they love compost and would give the squirels a run for thier money

  2. 2 mackenzie August 4, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    It sounds like your future will hold an awful lot of canning. Clive also is a big fan of the garden, he loves to let me know when there’s a ‘skeeny’ ready.

  3. 3 Gayla August 4, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    Doesn’t sound like Gideon’s unfriendly to me, if he’s passing out corn to the neighbors.
    Your garden looks nice. I’m impressed that no one has helped themselves.

  4. 4 Mitch August 6, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    I keep looking at your garden and wish mine did anything
    Everything just died. WAAAAAAH.

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