just a little strange

a while ago my sister was looking at buying a toyota previa.  she called me to ask what i thought and i instinctively checked the boise craigslist to do a price comparison.  there sat a pristine previa, with relatively low miles, waiting just for me.  (one of my craigslist watchers is still set to previas and there hasn’t been another one since.)  anyways, we both ended up buying crazy, pregnant, anteater minivans at the same time.  talk about an impulse buy.


actually, when you are trying to fit three kids across the back of an oldsmobile, where the door only works on one side and the windows only roll half way down…maybe wanting a mini van is not that impulsive.  i love it.  ideally, i wanted a vw eurovan.  just for the slogan, “there’s nothing mini about it.”  but the previa squeezes in a little extra cubit feet too and you can feel it.  in fact, it is easier to walk back to the kids from the front see that it is to get out and open the slider.  just the little extra ceiling room makes all the difference.  plus, i loooove being able to stretch my feet out on the dash.  i can’t even reach the windshield with my toes.  before i would have to hang my feet out the window and they would pick up all manner of strange bugs.


another favorite is that when it’s cold we just all jump in the slider and buckle up, then i walk to my seat.  before i would lug baby and bag out to car, open passenger door, drop bag, open back door, drop baby and herd boys to their seats with various threats, walk around, open driver’s door, insert key and roll down windows, walk back to buckle baby and middle boy, walk around to other side to hang in half rolled down window to buckle the boy on the far side.  all in the rain.

marc’s favorite is that the seats flip up along the walls leaving plenty of room to haul (so far) dressers, lumber, broken concrete, mattresses, plywood, brush and piles of dirt.  i think he has the mistaken impression that he bought himself a truck.  i guess you should say that we both love it.  my advice is that if you’re in the market for a people mover, be sure to keep a special eye out.  previas were luxury vans in the 90’s and sold for around $40,000.  now you can pick them up for three and they’re known to still be going strong at over 300,000 miles.  plus, they’re just so stylish.


and here is my sister’s version.  isn’t it even stranger that we have matching vans and matching children?


2 Responses to “just a little strange”

  1. 1 Autumn July 25, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    They are nice!
    My mom and her sister both had matching white ones. They bought them used a good decade or so ago, and my parent’s finally bit it the other day. It had roughly 450,000 miles on it when the transmission had finally had enough.
    It used to be a great van though !

  2. 2 mavis July 27, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    ha! i’d like to see a dodge caravan try that.

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