mavis and her muscle

we had a work bee at my house over the fourth of july.  my family visited.  for some reason they like to take vacation time and come work on my house (they’re strange).  while they were at it i went out and took pictures of all my muscle.  this is jehu and his post-nap muscle.


grandad and gideon.  (gideon thinks his muscles are the biggest.)


auntie piolet and aunt natalie.


uncle reuben.


mavis muscle.


daddy boy and grandma.  (those grandma muscles are the ones you have to watch.)


and gwill, who could not be convinced to stop sucking her thumb for the occasion.


anyways, here are my slaves hard at work.  we’re prepping the house for paint.  a lot of the nails have worked their way out.  it’s going to be a big job.


it’s a good thing i have so much help.


it was really all my mother’s idea.  i thought the siding was too far gone to mess with and was just going to wait until i could afford some hardiplank.  she didn’t care.  she said my house was too ugly to leave another day and that was it.  so she drove over here with 20 gallons of random paint and mixed it up in my driveway.  “there, paint your ugly house,” she said.


unfortunately it’s not that easy, as you can see.


but i am happy with the color.  my mother bought 5 gallons of white, 5 gallons of yellow, 5 gallons of that crazy green and 5 gallons of olive drab.  when you mix it together apparently you get a docile, suburban sage.  who knew.  all for $70 instead of $500.  she also bought me some primer and a lovely white trim color.  all i have to do is scrape the old paint off the house, replace the bad siding, replace half the nails with screws, putty all the holes, sand the putty, replace half the trim and paint my primer coat.  then i can try out my lovely new paint.  although i did let her slap some on end of the garage that we were tearing off anyways, just so we could see.


that’s the other thing.  my family doesn’t seem capable of visiting without doing a little demolition while they are at it.  we tore of the shed on the end of the garage and couldn’t help taking the sledgehammer to the front porch as well.  my mother has a personal vendetta against the gray paint.  who needs rails, it’s only a 2 and half foot drop.  the babies can take one for the team.  i agree.  it’s a wonderful improvement.  this week i hope to paint the white around the pictures window and just imagine the rest is done.


(you know, sometimes i think the neighbors must think i’m a little strange.  just a hunch.)



and in the midst of all the other projects reuben found time to install the climbing wall grandma bought gideon for his birthday.  my dad milled up the wood on his sawmill and my mom ordered some recycled holds from a place in coeur d’alene.   i love the way it turned out.


thanks for all your help ma and pa.




come again soon.  much love.  *m

2 Responses to “mavis and her muscle”

  1. 1 mom July 21, 2009 at 9:04 am

    sometimes i feel bad about getting you started on projects, especially when we leave things only partially done, but then i get over it. love the picture of jael.

  2. 2 Kandi July 24, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Tell your family I’m throwing them a big party at my house, only a few thousand miles away:)

    I love the color, wish I could be there…

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