happy camping

for the last time ever.  who in their right mind does this for fun?  it goes against all good reason.  if the boys ever want to camp they can go with their daddy, make fires with sticks, huddle in caves and eat all the grass hoppers they want – while i stay home.  but the american, “let’s take everything we own and head to the woods” alternative is just dumb.  yes, i’ll be the first to say it.


what possesed me to trod into the wilderness anyways?  it was our 7th anniversary and i had a sudden urge for pristine water.  i won’t set my pinky toe in a pool, or the boise river for that matter, and it was starting to get hot.  what a perfect occasion to go lake hopping.  unfortunately they were all freezing cold.  pretty as pictures and cold as ice.  it was a cruel business.  and then there were the mosquitos.


but the mountains were gorgeous and the weather was perfect.  except for the morning we woke up to frost and a deflated air mattress.  “why?” is the question i asked myself several times.



here is a glimpse of me and my blooming optimism.


we did go on a 10 mile day hike/picnic.  and that was nice.  entirely reasonable.  scenery, good food, exercise and we got to hold hands.  the nut jobs we passed however, wearing packs that weighed more than they did, were plain off their rockers.  sadists or something.


this was alpine lake.  see how deceptively delicious it looked?  what is the point of a lake if you can’t swim in it?  …good for nothing lake.


boy doesn’t like water anyways, so he didn’t mind.  he likes rocks and trees.  (the list of things i like are much more endearing.  rocks and trees?  pshaw.)



but he is pretty cute.  i certainly wouldn’t trade him for a boy who liked jacked up trucks and light beer.  not on any account, he is perfect.  he doesn’t even match his socks.


(i match them for him.  i can’t help it, an irresistible urge.  i hope he doesn’t find it totally demoralizing.  in any case his heart is still in the right spot.  sometimes he even lets me comb his hair.)


another cold frigid lake (sawtooth).


and just getting ready to head back down after some tomato, fresh basil stacked bagels and chocolate.


thank you to grammy for single handedly babysitting the whole collection.  who knows what we’ll do next.


2 Responses to “happy camping”

  1. 1 Grandad July 13, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    not granddad just grandma. it is so beautiful. nothing can compare to the glory of gods handiwork. you sure do have a wonderful gift, the pictures are just astounding. what is the little yellow things (rocks?) i love to camp, but yes it is a lot of work. and like you the day hike sounds a lot better to me then a heavy backpack to lug with you were ever you go. tell you what, next time granddad and i will watch the kids while you take your husband and siblings and disappear for the day. we will stay at camp and lay on a blanket and enjoy watching little ones, with their buckets, collecting sand and rocks,at the beach.
    ps. thanks gayla and rick, for watching the little ones. i am jealous. love sandy.

  2. 2 Grammy July 14, 2009 at 8:48 am

    You know, I might like some prints of a few of these for my classroom wall. Do you have them stored on Shutterfly?

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