nature, it’s everywhere

my brother visited this weekend so we drove up to bogus basin for a little walk.  out of all the trails we could have picked we ended up on the one that meandered through the waste management site for the ski lodge.  i was waiting for the giant sprinklers to kick on and spray me with poo.


here is the princess being carried everywhere by her daddy.  he has arms of steel.  i’m ready to put her down in five seconds.  “why don’t you learn how to walk?” i say.  but everyone knows that princesses were meant to be carried.


bipedal or no, she loves to climb.  nothing pisses her off so much as when you wrench her from the spiral stairs.  (the stairs of death.)  i think it has something to do with the fact that her name means “wild mountain goat.”  you just have to watch how you name your kids.  next she’s going to be stabbing people in the head, jehu is a likely candidate.



gidoen and jehu picked me every flower they could find on the trip.  these were my favorite.  aren’t they cool?  then there was this red one that smelled like a cross between fresh picked cherry tomatoes and skunk.  someday i am going to have a custom perfume made.  there is a place here that whips them up.  they said they had some civet cat bottled and could make me something special.  civet cat with a little marigold on the side?


the bottom right are the boys rock hopping.  until marc got stuck.  don’t climb up if you can’t get down is what i say.  but they never learn.


and auntie pilot taking a turn with jael bait.  i think she’s pulling her hair.  she’s like that.



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  1. 1 TracyKM June 4, 2009 at 9:46 am

    She’s an adorable princess, but I thought everyone knew that princesses are meant to be worn, not carried. Do your arms a favour and try some different slings 🙂 For a hike like that, I’d recommend a mei tai, wrap, or SSC (soft structured carrier). I LOVED babywearing and miss it every time I have to chase my pre-schooler across a parking lot, LOL.

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