i almost hate to admit it, but I’m a canon press junkie.  only a poor canon press junkie (i have to spend all my money on a mortgage and organic whole milk).  in which case this makes my heart go pitter pat.  but then again, so do most sales.  like my husband says, “just because it’s 75% off doesn’t mean you have to buy it.  and no, you didn’t save any money, you spent money.”  pshaw.

here are some of my favorites:



how to be free from bitterness is a must read for any human being.  and building her house just looks so dang nice on the shelf.   it should have it’s own little rack.  you could hang it.


future men is my favorite from the wilson family series and is a must have for raising boys.  against christianity is very thought provoking and a good read-over book.


the wilson family series has a lot of practical, easy to read advice.  that for some reason, you most likely haven’t heard anywhere else…  for a glory and a covering is fundamental marriage etiquette, “my life for yours.”  just to sober you up a bit and get you to quit your whining.


and some peter leithart books.  oh my.  i couldn’t put down a house for my name, it just made me giddy.  the way he peeled back layer after layer in the old testament making it make sense at a whole new level.  and easy to read to boot.  i think it was actually written for family study.  anyways, i would love to get my greedy little hands all over 1 & 2 kings.


and here’s some that i haven’t read but want to.  i did listen to the interview with debbie maken on getting serious about getting married.  that lady scares the poo out of me.  if i was a single christian, i would be afraid (very afraid).  blessed are the hungry unpacks some of the significance around the lord’s supper.  which i would love to dig into.


a great mystery is peter leithart having a go at marriage.  i love the way he unpacks a subject, he just seems to hit things from so many different angles that you start to wonder if you’re looking at the same thing.  how did he see that?  it’s insane.  and if you do check out canon press don’t forget their audio sets.  the party is just getting started.  if i had $125 to my name i would gobble up marriage as manifest glory.  i would.  marriage is more than mars and venus getting along, it’s god showing himself to the world.  unless you screw it up, of course.


wise words is another peter leithart book for kids.  this time going through proverbs.  i need this book.  but i have a few years while the pudding in my children’s brains sets up a bit, so i can wait.  and trinity and reality is self-explanatory.  the trinity is the funnest/bestest subject out there.  the perfect, inscrutable building block of life.  …god as a monad breeds conformity, god as gods produces chaos, god as trinity overflows in love.  (all while tying up the justice vs. mercy, unity vs. diversity dilemmas nicely.)  and it doesn’t bother me that at the heart of it there is a paradox.  did you think you could put the essence of god in a box, tie it up and stamp “god” on top?  i would be more worried if you could understand it.  anyways, the trinity always kicks around the ol’ brain.  it’s like playing with the best good out there; it’s in everything, goes everywhere, it’s what’s left when you boil everything down and it never gets old (unless you thought we were going to diagram sentences for eternity.)  fun fun.

so yes, i am a canon press junkie.  and even though i’m not a calvinist (i’m a little weirder that) it does seem like they have more fun than everyone else.  in fact, everyone else gives me the willies.  my favorite is when mark driscoll portrayed jesus walking into a christian book store, jumping up and down on all the michael w smith cd’s while the self-help section went up in flames.  but yes, most christian book stores make me nervous.  with canon i feel like i could close my eyes and pick a book and it would still be good.  try it, you’ll like it.


7 Responses to “booky”

  1. 1 Gayla April 29, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    It’s pretty sad when I have to drive to Boise to see my grandbabies because their mother is posting pictures of trips and books when she could be posting pictures of those darling little children. Sigh.

  2. 2 archshrk April 30, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Maybe she can post pictures of the grandbabies reading those books. Then you’d both be happy, right?

    Great list of books. I can think of a couple I’d like to add to my reading list which is already too long to finish.

  3. 3 archshrk May 1, 2009 at 7:22 am

    I picked up 10 books. How about you?

  4. 4 mavis May 1, 2009 at 7:41 am

    15 baby. and if you scored the last copy of trinity and reality, you’re in trouble.

  5. 5 archshrk May 1, 2009 at 7:59 am

    Sorry, I tried but no luck.

    I did get Future Men, for a glory and a covering , and a great mystery among others. Some books I two of because I knew I’d give one away – we usually do.

  6. 6 Jessica May 1, 2009 at 11:39 am

    I am curious what is “beyond Calvinism”? : )

    Ooh! My husband had to shut like 20 pages I had open to all these books. He isn’t a fan of me going on book buying ravages. Yeah that one on the Old Testament. Totally putting that on my birthday wish list.

  7. 7 grandma and grandad May 3, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    ” Of the writing of books there is no end.”

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