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here are some pictures from when my family visited this weekend.  saturday we took them on a hike in the foothills.  around here everyone is all about the “foothills” but to me it smacks of desert.  i think people just like them because they don’t have to worry about running into trees with their expensive bikes.


here we are trooping along.  (i’m the fluorescent stubby one.)


and uncle reuben carrying girl.  everyone had to take turns because the stroller was not the thing.


grandad walked the boys up to the sandstone cliff to look for birds.  gideon poked around in some holes but didn’t have any luck.


here are some pictures boy took from on top.  that is the lovely city of boise on the left.


mom with the boys.   and the continually unimpressed girl with her daddy (who is irresistibly attracted to any kind of map).


we split up on the way home.  the boys took the high road and the girls took the low.  no one mentioned that the low road was muddy.  it was all natalie could do to mud bog the empty stroller along a trail cut into the north side of the hill.  mommy had to carry baby fatness and inch along.  slick as snot.  and grandma just laughed at the boys who would fall in the mud, get up and then fall back down again.  “oh look at those cute little piggies,” she would say.  and when we got home, i threw them all in the jacuzzi.


that’s natalie on the right saying, “miranda, will you make reuben get out?  he keeps sticking his warty, stinky feet in my face.”


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