nature red in tooth and claw

toddler style.  my boys love these books.  if you get a chance, pick up some stuff by harry j. baerg.  there are no bunnies in dresses in these (i can’t stand bunnies in dresses).  the first book i got my hands on was “molly cottontale.”  a comic strip book of all kinds of animal adventures.  (where you see the food chain well at work.)  it was love at first sight.  below are a pack of orcas having a nice whale snack.  and on the left, blower the blue whale, body slamming a squid into an iceberg.  after which he was eventually harpooned.  you can make lots of good stuff out of whale you know.


to boot, aunt becca made gideon a stuffed orca for christmas, right in line with his obsessions.  we were really impressed.


also for christmas, megan got gideon some more out of print harry baerg books.  meet humpy the moose.  i had fun giving her a hard time about her selection.  “thanks for the bloodshed megan.”  serious.  to begin with, humpy had to watch two bull moose fight over his mother.  one pierced the other moose in the skull, who died.  unfortunately, they became stuck together.  which was quite fortuitous for the passing bear, who ate them both.   the author was sure to put this in good light, “and what do you know, now there was enough food for the bear and the foxes and the birds and the wolves. no one went home hungry that day.”  later on humpy‘s mommy beats him up and then abandoned him during his nap so she could run off and give birth to her bastard moose (from when she was sleeping around on humpy‘s dad).  in spite of it all, humpy grew up to become a fine specimen of a moose.  there he is on the right showing a few wolves who’s boss.  “the victorious humpy.  master of all he could see.”


megan also got the boys “chipmunk willie.”  she had brighter hopes for this book, i do believe.  but upon flipping it open the first thing i met with was this phrase, “and then there were only two little chipmunks left in the family.”  it turned out to be a nice little lesson in natural selection.  the picture below is from another harry baerg book i was able to score at the library.  the caption reads, “sue steps out.”  (onto duck.)


and it’s not that i’m vicious (the poor otto kids).  really.  i just firmly believe that animals are animals.  i don’t like over glorifying them in our minds to lesser evolved humans who wear bloomers.  we tend to project our humanity onto all manner of creatures when in reality they lick themselves, eat their young and poo with impunity.  one of my goals in raising my children is to give them a healthy view of the world and reality.  we’re not going to  put rover on life support for a month and then hold a mock funeral after grandpa runs over him.  we’re going to get our gun.  death may be in the world, but christ has conquered death.  so take it like a man.  at the same time i don’t believe in any kind of cruelty or “sporting” when it comes to animals.  “a wise man hath regard for the life of his beast.”  i want them to be responsible while at the same time maintaining the distinction that animals are animals and people are people.  it still confuses me that so many “peta” and “pro-choice” stickers co-habitate on the same bumper.


and this is a page from another classic megan book.  (that girl really does have issues.  don’t look at me.)  but books are so fun to think about, and all their implications.  i find it weird when parents let their kids drag home anything from the library.  i have so much fun playing book nazi.  “veto, veto, veto.”  i try to stay away from dumb books and especially books that appear to be illustrated by somone missing their arms.  and, of course, books with animals parading around as humans.  to me it just smacks of amalgamation and romans one, where people exchanged the truth of god for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the creator.  doing anything to obliterate his image in themselves.  it just feels wrong.  plus, you just can’t make a rabbit look hot.  stick her in as many dresses as you want, and she will still need a good waxing.


3 Responses to “nature red in tooth and claw”

  1. 1 Auntie Megan January 22, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    So next time I’ll be sure to read the books carefully before wrapping them. That’s all.

  2. 2 archshrk January 27, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    Personally, I can’t wait to get my own copies.

  1. 1 Meet Mavis | archshrk Trackback on March 3, 2009 at 9:31 am
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