i’m special

jehu received a set of paintable dishes for his birthday.  i did what came natural.


it’s a birthday plate, of course.  (i’m all about traditions.)  the cup, on the other hand, is for the disease ridden.  it is prominently labeled with eew, bio-hazard, unclean, yicky sicky, warning, ! and mr. yuck.  (all to make it perfectly clear.)


we used the leftover paint on the door stop, jehu’s hair and my newly refinshed floors.  which wasn’t all according to plan, just another reason not to paint with three year olds.


while we’re on the subject of specialness, last night we went to visit our friend billy.  he works at a home for autistic teens and was telling us how he got to play ping pong against three of them (at the same time) that afternoon.  “they all thought i was john mcenroe or something.  it was great.  …i just wish we were playing dodgeball.”

his mother near smacked him at that point, but i about died.

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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