while hunting the internet in search of ipod fodder, i eventually bumped into faith by hearing.  these little guys made me laugh.  i thought i was the only one with such proclivities.  my husband sometimes catches a glimpse of my playlists and exclaims, “what the hell do you listen to?”


well,  dr. j.i. packer, the rare recordings of jim wilson, early mark driscoll, doug wilson (much to everyone’s horror), also doug jones, alistair begg, doug batchelor, ken meyers, evan wilson and our very own, joel van hoogen.  but mostly, i have no idea who i listen to.  i’m not selective, just desperate.  i reached the point where i couldn’t clean my kitchen one more time unless i was plugged in and on auto.


it’s now my auxillary brain, i listen to around 3 or 4 sermons a day.  and so far, so good.  i don’t run into very many that annoy me, even if i don’t agree with them all.  the result: i now have a knee deep, stockpile of favorites for anyone else who might be desperate as well.  not to mention, there are already some in side bar under “audio” (which i will try to keep updated).  and if you’re the type who thinks “heavy breathing, over emotional, tv evangelist, with a southern accent” when you hear the word “sermon,” think again.  this is much more fun.


2 Responses to “junkie”

  1. 1 miriam December 20, 2008 at 12:44 am

    I recently heard a great sermon by Paul Shepherd (sp?) on a random station but I haven’t had the time to check him out so he could be a nut. I like Rob Bell but he ticks people off in droves. I like him anyway.

    I should so play these around the house. We listen to a lot of This American Life and of course the classical station, and I like Ravi Zacharias, too.

    Anyway, Yay! I will check out some of your posse.

  2. 2 mavis December 24, 2008 at 7:35 am

    miriam – and i will see if sermon audio has paul and rob. i am on the prowl. i just listened through a whole slew of people i couldn’t stand. and can you believe it? i don’t even like john piper. some people i just can’t listen to (all women and most baptists). but dr. packer, now there is some (very old) ear candy. 😉

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