not only do i have curtains, i have a picture.  *a* picture, mind you.  only one.  in the entire house.  i guess i’m not the kind of person who moves in and breaks out the throw pillows and aromatherapy candles.  we’ve only lived here for six months.  much too soon to get a couch or break out the family photos, really.  but i was excited about this.  some day i will get around to poking holes in all the walls.


after i finish taping them, texturing them and painting them that is.  i don’t know why i’m so neurotic about decorating.  i think i’m secretly afraid that if things got “comfortable” the baseboards would never actually get nailed on and no one would buy door knobs for the basement.  but i’m sure one picture won’t hurt.


i already posted that you can snag the free pdf of this print (pink or not pink).  and if you do, the floating frames at joanne’s fit an 11×17 nicely.  i painted this one white and was very pleased.  until the kids broke the glass and i had to buy a replacement.  (which i secretly knew would happen all along.)


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