how to cut perfectly good fabric up into little squares and sew it back together.

it just felt wrong.  but at least i had my mom to help me piece it and my grandma to help me back it.  there is still one more to back, but thankfully both the tops are done.  they are going to be for the boys’ room downstairs (which is not even finished mind you).  but i will persevere.



sticking to the plan, i am going to paint jehu’s headboard blue and gideon’s goldenrod.  (this picture isn’t mine, but it pretty much sums it up color wise.)  also, i am going to get this print for jehu’s birthday.  i think it will work in nicely.


and yesterday i found a free dresser.  i will need to paint and add to the mix.  not quite sure what to do with it.  any ideas?  maybe laquer would be fun (or the opposite of fun).  and kandi is going to whip me up some kind of killer orca to take up most of one wall and make things more exciting.  but first, i need to weild a texture gun, click down some pergo and paint some trim.  what do i do all day?


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  1. 1 bec November 25, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    it looks very nice. and your corners lined up beautifully. i like the simplicity of the black and white

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