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it was kind of crazy around here this weekend.  there were 11 of us knocking around the house at one point.  eventually, i just throw up my hands and say, “i’ll clean up when they leave.”  and when they leave i say, “i think i’ll just blog.”  i’m behind you know.  so here are some more pictures from deary.

here is gideon and grandad being safe; in their matching goggles, hats and “indian shirts.”

and hubby, looking ruggedly handsome.  (while scowling at me for taking pictures of him and telling him he looked so ruggedly handsome.)

but you know, i just can’t help it when he packs a butt chin like that.  and there he is taking off jehu’s soggy bottoms.  jehu near enough peed on everything at my parent’s house but came home potty trained.  huzzah huzzah!  for me anyways.

and the culprit himself.  my favorite was talking to my dad on the phone and hearing him say, “sorry, have to go.  jehu just landed one on the rug.”  it’s all yours.

the kids had so much fun running around grandma’s house.  great grandpa kept hauling up sand piles for them to role in.  there were baby chickies, a tree house and a “sawdust mountain.”  it felt that they had grown up years in the two weeks they were away from me.

and here is poor natalie sleeping with the varmints.  jehu peed on her a couple times.  otherwise they just plain hogged the bed.  and gideon snores.

baby girl.  she just learned to sit up this week.  does not have any teeth or any inclination to move.  she just likes to sit in her chair, holler obscenities and demand food.  the poor kitty got too close to her today.  she had him in a death grip, gnawing on his head in a heartbeat.

but she was grandad’s little sweetheart, for sure.  he fed her breakfast every morning and carried her on adventures.  he has a soft spot for girls.

here are the boys working at the sawmill.  how could you have more fun?

while all this free baby sitting was going on i got two quilt tops sewn for the boys’ new bedroom.  did i mention the fateful trip to the quilt store?  jehu dropped a log the size of his forearm on the floor, right next to the moda fabrics.  yep, the little kid was freeballin’ it in his shorts.  we were just leaving the house when he peed his pants.  i had the baby strapped on me and didn’t feel like hunting around for new underwear.  so let that be a lesson…

and this is what happens when you say, “boys, look at me and smile.”

those boys.

on the way home our alternator died.  we stayed an extra day at my grandparents.  which was much more fun than driving.  and they fed us.

while the boys worked on the car, grandma genevieve spoiled baby girl.  grandma has super spoiling powers.  i remember them well.

my working guys again.  if jehu had the muscle we would have to keep an eye out for our lug nuts.  he has a penchant for unscrewing things.

we’ve been home for two weeks now.  tackling more projects.  working toward the day when we have more than three places to sit, carpet in the basement and curtains on any of the windows.  i have to work out in the dark so the half dozen people waiting for the bus in my yard at 6 o’clock in the morning aren’t too amused.  my husband finds it funny enough.  he was staring at me while i was doing sit-ups and had to come over and poke me in the stomach.  “what are you doing those with?”  it’s magic honey, magic.


3 Responses to “catch up”

  1. 1 archshrk November 3, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    I have to admit, the site of a lollipop and the tooth-less child made me cringe. Other than that, I loved the photos.

  2. 2 mavis November 3, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    yep, little toothless baby gets her share of halloween candy too.

  3. 3 Gayla November 4, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    You should see her gum the kitty.

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