i’m still off

but aunt natalie did put some nice pictures of the boys on picasa.  so i thought i would share.

sitting on leonardo.

catching bugs along the creek.

planting a tree for baby jael.

making apple pies with grandma.

i get the distinct impression they don’t miss me.  particularly when i call and ask if the varmints if they want to talk to me and they say “no.”  then you hear them hollering and giggling in the background.  but it still makes me feel good.  if they were miserable i would feel guilty for shipping them off.  i would hate to have a plaguey conscience.  but i am getting some work done.  even though it is very tedious work with not much to show for it.  for instance, today i am painting the windows in the basement.  filthy, old, bug encrusted, paned windows.  i knew there was a reason i was putting this one off.  here’s how it goes; first you vacuum them, then scrub them, then scrape them, then sand them, then vacuum them again, then go outside and wash them, and scrape them, then go inside and putty holes, then sand the putty, then vacuum, then paint, then paint again, glaze the panes, then put up new trim, and paint the trim.  but this last step is my favorite, replace the windows with vinyl ones.  someday.  i just can’t bear looking at them until then.  so here goes.


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  1. 2 mackenzie September 25, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    So am I still the primary caregiver tomorrow morning? We’re ready for some ottoscromage here.

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