my siblings are cool

that’s my little sister natalie (13) on the left and my little brother reuben (18) on the right.  it’s hard to imagine that i used to bundle him up in his snow suit and roll him him off of cliffs.  not to mention gag him and stuff him between the bed and the wall, lock him in the garage bathroom indefinitely, shave him bald in the middle of the night and run him through the dryer with the cat.  that’s why he’s so tough.  and yes, i’m a bad person.  i was much nicer to my sister.  mostly because i moved out when she was four, lucky girl.

but i just love this picture of her.  it reminds me of the song my dad made up for us.  although i think it is really a take on an old jimmy driftwood song about a bootlegger.  they both end up sharing the same chorus.

i courted a horse logger’s daughter.

she thought she could walk on water.

i called her billy and she called me hoss.

her lips were sweeter than tabasco sauce.

i swore one day that i would be her boss.

but the earth first boys came around one day

and i went over the hill.

i’ve forgotten what she looks like now, but i remember her stihl.

i’ve forgotten what she looks like now, but i remember her stihl.

isn’t she cute?  and here is my brother hooking up mona lisa and leonardo.  by the way, horselogging only looks fun and romantic.  horses are evil and only good for enlivening one’s vocabulary.  they are just like children.  either you spend time with them and discipline them consistently, or they turn into spoiled, obnoxious brats.  so if you are going to have horses you had better love horses.  and mona and leonardo are nice enough, but still stubborn as mules.  not to mention that they are afraid of chipmunks and have a tendency to step on you.

i also really liked this picture.  (i’m stealing these from my dad’s blog by the way.)  reuben did this job last week.  he said they built the house around the tree and had even notched out the roof as the tree grew.  so reuben had to take the whole thing down in little pieces.  with his big muscles.

(i don’t know if i’ve mentioned this before, but reuben is in sore need of a wife.  he’s probably free for the taking too, if you know how to make a good taco.)


3 Responses to “my siblings are cool”

  1. 1 Grandad August 28, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    Miranda! You’re too much. When did you get to be so clever? You made a mistake though. Natalie is 12 in that picture. She turned 13 the next day. GD

  2. 2 Emily August 29, 2008 at 7:00 am

    I came across your blog by searching for “how to make a nursing cover”. The tutorial was great. Thanks. I posted a picture of my hotter hider and gave you credit for the tutorial. I can’t wait to make a few more things that were mentioned on your site. Blessings.


  3. 3 ooglebloops September 2, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    I had to laugh at your description of horses – all too true – but we love ours anyway!!!! Your dad’s horses are fabulous – and still working at 30 years old!!! He’s definitely doing something right!!!

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