in the trees

my dad is one very tenacious fellow. for some reason he decided he liked climbing trees and stuck with it. even during that notorious period where it was fashionable to have trees that looked like they had a bad run in with an aerial lawn mower. or what you could call, the “modern art meets pregnant man in bucket truck with chainsaw” look. sort of like the mullet, it should have never been.

anyways, he is still here. and he hasn’t met a fateful end. only he thinks he is getting too old, he wants to stay on the farm and mill up all the wood he has collected over the years. so he’s got my brother do the dirty work instead. (who i understand nicked some power lines the other day…) anyways, if you want to keep up on their tree adventures, keep an eye on their new blog. something interesting is bound to happen.

i remember, on this job my dad pulled his favorite trick. he chucked a rope at me and hollered, “here, hold the end of this!” it was generally always a bad idea. i remember flying through the air as my rope holding partner decided it was a good time to let go. and apparently it wasn’t my 115 pounds keeping that chunk of wood from making it’s date with gravity. i ended up face first in a pile of brush 15 feet away.

but working tree jobs with my dad is some of the best times i’ve ever had. there is just something about real work and pulling together as a family. all of my siblings have had to do their time, unpaid time, generally speaking. and i imagine it is the only things that has contributed to us having much character to speak of. spending time with dad on the job. it is my hope that my husband will be able to take over the business someday and just do architecture on the side. just so that my kiddos can have the same opportunity to be with their dad. like my father is always fond of saying, “there is no substitute for being there.”


4 Responses to “in the trees”

  1. 1 mackenzie July 31, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Hey, I’m all for anything that brings you people back up our direction. There’s a house for sale on my road…

  2. 2 mom August 1, 2008 at 11:38 am

    what a beautiful tribute to your dad. he is an awesome father love mom

  3. 3 Lindsay August 1, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    My husband is an arborist also, and it is hot. I love watching him work and have often had the lady of the house make mention that they wish their fellow was as capable as mine. It is also a job that when explained to kids sounds as appealing as being an astronaut or fireman… A real mans man. Great photos as always, I love this blog.

  4. 4 mavis August 5, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    lindsay – yes, hot hot. 😉

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