i don’t believe it

look at him, he’s an angel.

gideon woke up from his nap soggy swoggy today. i asked hubby to throw the pair of them in for an early bath, while i finished cooking. marc doesn’t replace clothes once they are removed, so i wasn’t surprised when the boys showed up to dinner naked. (we are kind of trashy like that anyways. come to think of it, gideon dropped his pants at the sand table today and peed in front of the dear and impressionable young lucy. i told him that girls don’t like it when you pee two inches from their feet and to bugger off. most obligingly, he waddled, pants down, to the furthest corner of the yard to finish his business behind a bush.)

what was i saying? yes, the naked jehu got in trouble during dinner for stuffing food in his juice. he had been told not to earlier, this time he got his hand spanked. such trauma caused him to spring a leak and he peed a gallon onto to his nearby, naked brother. the look of helpless devastation on gideon’s face was quite hilarious. and soon enough they both were crying, all the while jehu was still peeing. i was sitting in the living room nursing at this point, so i just got to watch the hysterics. oh, but i was dying laughing. mostly from watching marc. ha, take that. he ended up throwing them back in the bath. after which the two darlings were returned to me fully dressed and sweet as usual. you’d never guess they’d just as soon pee on you as look at you. but it’s true.


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  1. 1 Judy June 21, 2008 at 6:16 am

    boys will be boys.

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