taking matters into our own hands

when it came down to it, hubby wasn’t all that eager to saw a big hole in the side of our house. my parents, on the other hand, were quite excited. so we took a deep breath and dove right in. turned out wonderfully. afterwards my dad was mentioning all the things that could have gone wrong and didn’t. “what do you mean,” i asked, “haven’t you done this before?” come to find out he has never even framed in a window. “just have to know how to think,” he told me.

if you noticed in the previous post, the concrete saw turned my house into mount saint helens. they closed the bedroom door and sealed it with a wet towel, but they forgot to close the vent. now, not only do i still have to paint the basement, i have to wash all the walls as well.

but at least gideon has his new window. one step closer to moving the little turds to the basement. which, might i mention, flooded last week. so perhaps not as close as i’d like to think.

if you want more pictures of the hoopla, you can check here. thank you granddad and grandma, for all of your hard work! it’s great to have a family who is willing to travel with shovels.

actually, my brother can’t be separated from his. my husband is the same, he’s had his since high school. and my mom, of all people, scored the black one for her birthday (hence the bow). she also got a jack and pruning shears because she’s like that. one year i mistakenly got her fake nails. she ate them.


2 Responses to “taking matters into our own hands”

  1. 1 mom June 16, 2008 at 9:36 am

    i loved my nails. they made feel so beautiful. and when all the kids are on their own. i might try doing it again. it was probably my most favorite birthday present. along with the side by side ref and stove you kids purchased. but i was very happy with the house jack and shovel and pruners and i listened to some of my tapes all ready. and i always like home depot cards. love you

  2. 2 Gayla June 16, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Headed to GA tomorrow. It was good to see the Germains. Birthday pictures, mom?

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