did you know it’s only $10 to have your groceries delivered?

packed up the scroms yesterday to make our weekly trip to the grocery store. and it’s mostly all right. the boys behave and if they don’t they are consigned to holding onto the cart. i still get pittying looks as i’m walking around with three of them in tow, along with occasional pats on the back. it’s not as bad as they think, really. the hardest part is just brainstorming 14 meals when i haven’t got around to planning a menu. that, and when gideon decides he has to pee when we couldn’t be farther from the restrooms and still in the building. jael did wonderfully though. that is until checkout, when she carried on like she was being murdered. brought grandma’s from all sections of the store to bag my groceries and coo at her. and then she pooped all over my shirt. i ended up changing her on the hood of the car, triggering yet another grandma radar. apparently she likes it when strange old ladies talk baby to her. meanwhile i packed the food and tied down the boys. i didn’t do a very good job though, because the trunk popped up on the way out of the parking lot. had to get out and give it a good bang. except i forgot my “electrocute my butt on the side of the car” tactic before touching anything. i got shocked something fierce (it is an evil car). if i were an albertson’s fan, i would just point and click and have someone drop them off.


3 Responses to “did you know it’s only $10 to have your groceries delivered?”

  1. 1 bec May 1, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    lol. i sympathize. i’ve had grandmas hold isaac while at winco. and i’ve also had both mallory and isaac in my arms while trying to push the cart out of the store.

  2. 2 bec May 1, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    i should have put strange grandmas holding isaacs. i.e. ones i don’t know.

  3. 3 Lindsey May 6, 2008 at 8:04 am

    I feel your pain. Minor chaos follows me every time I attempt to go grocery shopping (or enter a fabric store of any kind). My little ones seem to love the grandma and grandpa types, as well.

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