dish week

paula is hosting a dish week, so i thought i would dive in on the last day. with my new garbage bowl.


how disgusting. although i think it is pretty cute for an over glorified compost bucket. and of course, this is a picture of it on one of it’s better days. i grew up in a home where putting food in the trash was the number one cardinal sin (apart from walking around in your socks and snacking). so if i am forced to scrape my plate into a trash can, i actually have these averse gut reactions. very strange.


and for something more dishy, these are some vintage, fluted glasses i swiped from my mom the last time i visited. they didn’t photograph well, but i think you can get the gist of it. that being, they’re pretty darn swanky. thanks mom.

i didn’t post my china, because i already did. and other than that, i don’t collect many dishes. it could turn into a very bad habit. i do collect fiestaware, but it is rather unexciting. at least the kids can’t break it and it saves me from having an avalanche cupboard of ugly, plastic, toddler ware. yick.


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  1. 1 mackenzie March 10, 2008 at 9:36 am

    miranda, that china gayla got you in aqua and gold is really lovely. What a score!

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