“that’s one manly tool belt.”

my friend sharla made this little crayon apron for jehu. it’s made out of a small tea towel, with segments sewn in to hold crayons and paper.


jehu’s came with “j” shaped post-it-notes too. he was excited. that, and it’s always fun to have new crayons to peel the paper off of. (that’s the best part, don’t you know?)


mostly, i just like watching him run around with that cute bow on his butt. daddy thought it was a little girly. but then again, daddy is the one who bikes to work every day in a pink beanie complete with giant pink pom pom, so it’s hard to take his complaints seriously.


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  1. 1 karynforyou January 28, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Lets see a picture of daddy going to work.

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