friends and finger foods

we had a family of 8 over for dinner last night, so we fed them finger foods and dispersed them over the house. it worked great, since my table only seats 6 (and that’s if you’re being demanding).


we had veggies and spinach dip, crackers, a cheese tray, rachel ray’s guacamole, bacon cream cheese rolls, homemade almond joys, cranberry orange punch and a fruit tray. it turned out to be more than enough and i didn’t have to dirty any pots or wash any silverware. it must be the only way to fly when you are cooking for 12 people in under 900 square feet.

gideon and jehu loved all the kids. especially the older girls who doted on them. seth and tami are the same age as marc and i, so apparently we are way behind schedule (as far as production goes). marc kept a nice fire going the whole time and it was a very cozy evening. today, the grandparents are coming. and it’s off to the “train store” to spoil some very expectant ottoscroms.


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  1. 1 mom January 18, 2008 at 9:29 am

    hooray!!!! gideon and jehu get to go to the train store. have fun in tractor papa’s new truck. must be in the air, grandma and grandpa got a new truck too. have not seen it yet. love grandma.

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