some things said and a cookie

we had cookie duty at church last weekend. i made chocolate chip cookies, some “knock your socks off” ginger snaps and vanilla wafers. which was all fine and good, but only the vanilla wafers had that special somethin’ somethin’. in fact, my williams and sonoma cookbook has started to open automatically to that page. so here is the recipe. they go great with tea and coffee too.


other than that, we were picking up gideon from baby sitting last night (hubby took me to mai thai), when little elizabeth streaked out of the bathroom. gideon was horrified and ran over to me with the utmost concern, “mommy! mommy! what happened to elizabeth’s ling ling?” something very bad, apparently.

also, yesterday my dad had to go to the hospital for some rooting about. he’s fine, but they did dope him up quite a bit. my mom couldn’t resist teasing him in front of the nurses, “honey, do you love me?” “only because you’re sooo sexy,” he drawled.

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  1. 1 littleeverydaythings February 20, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    I made these for my son’s preschool class for Valentine’s day. Very yummy. I added some festive pink crystal sugar on top too. Alas, no photos – my husband ate the rest too quickly!

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