ah, the pink loot

mavis had a very pink christmas. she is very happy. my mother-in-law bestowed this lovely bread box on me and hubby got me the pink garlic press (you can sort of see it in the corner).


my mother-in-law (and no, you can’t have her) also got me the pink food processor and the pink spatula. both are quite dreamy. hubby got me a pink, plastic, chopping block (even though he would rather have bamboo) because he knows i can’t hand-wash anything to save my life.


other pinkness includes these sweet tongs from my little sister, who knows what big sister likes.


and my long awaited, pink, salt pig from husband. it’s just so inconvenient to go ferreting my salt out of jars and cupboards. it should be right there, with a spoon sticking out of it’s mouth saying, “pick me, pick me”. and i do. aunt megan, although she thought me rather strange, bought me what she termed “new age, himalayan, goat dandruff salt,” to go in it. it’s pink too. and very delicious (iodized table salt is salt mockery, by the way).


hubby also got me these pink, stripey, leg warmers. and my mother-in-law got me this (almost pink) dessert, cook book. i haven’t tried it yet, but i am very excited. i just had to swallow a few times, thinking about it. coconut palm cream cake… mmm.


thanks to all the people who got me things that weren’t pink, i liked them too. as in, it’s great to finally have some gourmet hair spray in my “what can i do to put myself together?” cupboard. and new towels are always a treat (as well as new sheets). as for the fiestaware, we have quality moments every day (i pat them and give them fond looks). my husband says i am a sick sick person, but at least i don’t request software and carabiners for christmas and try to put my gift money in the saving’s account. it’s a good thing he married me, a fate that unfortunately, can’t happen to everyone.


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  1. 1 Gayla January 5, 2008 at 10:10 am

    They featured that cookbook in our Wednesday paper–I think it’s pretty new age, too.

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