the loot

here are the poor, deprived, otto children who only get wooden toys for christmas. life is hard. i mean, what does christmas amount to without batteries and yummy, chinese plastic?


bamboo, apparently. but gideon likes it (poor, naive child). they both like it, surprisingly. the bamboo “creata” set here was made by hape. i think i will check out some of the other things they make, even daddy liked it (to a point).


it came with a booklet with all the things you could build. the boys liked to put in requests, “make this one, make this one!”. unfortunately, daddy failed us when it came to the little, bamboo hut. maybe when uncle reuben comes over, he can try his hand. or maybe, since those particular instructions had to be computer modeled (while all the others were actual photos), it was just a cruel hoax to make architects feel bad about themselves. “i can’t even stack children’s toys, what am i doing with my life?” (if you want to view daddy’s, long, painful and futile attempts, check the new video in the sidebar.)


my aunt made the boys the sock monkeys. there is nothing like a hand stitched, sock monkey. i was going to buy a fake one once and thought, “nah, this just isn’t the same.” (but did i make one? no, thank goodness, that’s a long tail to stuff.)


also in the loot pile; books, tinker toys, board games, duplos, “cat” bull dozers and dump trucks (which are currently out in the mud and snow),


a wooden easel (also from auntie piolet), christmas sweaters (being sported),


lincoln logs, wooden tonka trucks,


a wooden tool set,

and more, hand made, ugly dolls from kandi. jehu calls his the “ugly fish”. i also got them this boat from play mobil, which got overlooked, because i keep it hidden under the bed where it and all it’s small, tiny parts will never be found.

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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