i heart customer service

we just picked up our new bike trailer. our old one was having problems with the fabric and peeling in places, so i called the dealer. they tracked down the company, who called me and arranged a swap. i only had to make one call and in two weeks, new bike trailer. fabulous.


i would recommend this trailer too, if you’re interested in something that doubles well as a stroller and is higher quality than what you usually pick up retail. but not too high (if you haven’t noticed, chariot’s run about $600 when all is said and done). this is about $375. has a nifty swivel wheel in front too. pushes like a dream.


i also had to call kitchen aid this morning because my breakfast smoothie was interrupted by the shocking realization that there was a crack in the pitcher on my blender. horrors. i ran straight to the computer, and after chatting my husband to find out how he had destroyed my pride and joy, i called kitchen aid. they are sending me a new one in the mail. huzzah. and last night i had to call amazon because my order seemed to be hinting at me that it wouldn’t arrive by christmas. the nice folks there (even though they barely spoke english) upgraded my shipping for me for free. i feel so loved. idaho camera also dished out the love and reprinted my family pictures for free after they screwed them up the first time. but i still have to spend all day cutting them out by hand because their chopper (although it missed the picture this time) still left entirely wacky borders around them. i think it will amount to about 500 chops by hand, and i don’t know if the love is sufficient. someone else needs to love me to make up for this.


here are the scroms at breakfast this morning. who have recently decided all serving dishes and cutlery must match. “mom! i need the yellow cup, to go with my yellow bowl and my yellow spoon.” really. their father is not impressed with this development. i agree, i think diverse color combinations are actually more attractive and hopefully they will grow out of this short stint of misguided tastes.


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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