well, that’s over with.

wild rumpuses are too much for me (but jolly good fun). we squeezed 26 people into my wee house and the kids rollicked about in the dark while the adults chatted.


i made a spaceship/bowling pin to cover the door to the back bedrooms (and incidentally, the bathroom, very unfortunate). we also covered the boys’ ceiling with glow stars, then gave the kids glow wands to brave the dark with. it racked to a pretty high pitch, so i think they had fun.


i also made little, jehu stars for the ceiling. except i am afraid they are not christmassy enough to keep up. last year we had snow flakes dangling everywhere and i don’t believe i got around to taking them down ’till january.


and here is jehu with his spaceship cake that his grandma made him. he was quite pleased to be the birthday boy and seemed to enjoy himself the whole time. “i did it!” he said, after blowing out the candles. then he clapped and shouted “hooray!” a bit.


here he is getting his homemade, ugly doll from kandi. for some reason it was love at first sight (with that giant, blood-shot, hand-stitched pupil.) i can’t explain it.


he also got lots of books, clothes, noisy, obnoxious toys, and an alligator suit. just like every boy needs.


then we tucked him into his christmas jammies, with his new friend, and sent him to bed.


while everyone else cleaned up messes.


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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