“i am not your graphic designer.”

says my husband. photoshop kind of makes him mad. we just finished these cards up for my dad’s tree business. after printing one on white, i decided they needed a gray background. “not gray!” says hubby. “there are way too many shades for you to choose from, ‘a little darker, no a little lighter.'” and that’s about what it amounted to.


if you want to actually read them, check them out on my dad’s site, where you can click on them. by the way, the two little circles on the bottom left, are hubby and uncle reuben up in the tree (with reuben again on the front of the card). and you can’t see me, but i’m out freezing in the snow, taking their picture.


while i’m on the subject, i’ve been meaning to post these pictures of my siblings i’ve had since thanksgiving. this is reuben up close, after i cleaned him up some.


and this is my sweet, tweety bea.


(as for you grandmas, who can’t live more than a day without pictures of white and delightsomeness, i just uploaded a new video in the sidebar.)


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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