spaceship invitations

jehu’s birthday is coming up and spaceships it is. marc is kind of horrified by the whole “themed” party thing. he’s even more horrified when i try to get him to exacto knife a pile of invitations with me. i thought it sounded exciting.


i found some glow in the dark, puff paint to outline them with and was even able to hunt down some little glow in the dark stickers. and what else do you know? the post office even had “yoda” stamps that week. hooray.


we’ll see if the party itself turns out to be similarly well fated. i should probably spend less time blogging then, and more time hanging a bazillion little glow stars. although it does sound like a job for hubby. along with installing the mini, solar system and putting up my christmas lights. sometimes i wonder what he would do without me. (actually, i’m pretty sure he would lead a contented existence of soccer scores, guerilla tree climbing, political leftist journals and late night chocolate without brushing his teeth.)


2 Responses to “spaceship invitations”

  1. 1 karynforyou December 4, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    Out of this World!!! I can’t wait to see the cake. and the birthday pictures!

  2. 2 bec December 4, 2007 at 1:41 pm

    I thought those invitations were pretty cool. too bad we won’t be there to see the party 😦 I enjoy seeing you throw birthday parties- they always are fun.

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