mavis seeks a house

with no such luck. everything i wanted to look at had gone off the market by the time we had made it to spokane. so we poked around at the leftovers. this one was too small.


this one was too busy.


this one didn’t have a yard.


and this one had what i term “slopage”. if i walk in a house and even sense the slightest change in elevation, i freak out. it is some kind of insult to my senses, not to be tolerated. marc, on the other hand, thinks it is great. i had to drag him away.


marc, “what do you mean? it’s perfect!”. mavis, “do you know the step between the dining room and kitchen? that’s not supposed to be there.”  some people have no scruples.


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  1. 1 chocolatevegetables November 27, 2007 at 1:50 am

    You could just say it has charm and character like the house we are renting. It is over 110 years old and its floor slopes in the dining room to the bathroom. Both were additions some time after the house was originally built. The kids love to roll their toy cars down the slope and if anything round is dropped I know where it will end up. The advantage too is that if the bathroom has any over flow issues it won’t flood the dining room but stay in the ‘gutter’ and then flow out the hole in the corner of the room where I can see outside to daylight. lol Charm and character and a good rental price but I am not going to buy it. Hope the house hunting turns up a treasure soon.


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