the lion and the chicken, the sequel

first we “trick or treated” elizabeth (the princess fairy).


then elizabeth’s mommy painted our faces while elizabeth’s grandma provided the muscle.




poor gideon. it’s almost as bad as when he had to be the chicken and every old lady in 12 blocks thought he was the cutest girl they’d ever seen.

paintj.jpg paintj2.jpg

the chicken took it much better. the chicken knows he is cool. doesn’t gideon remind you of the lion in the “wizard of oz” with that nice middle-aged paunch? not cool, but possibly endearing.


and this is trick or treating in style. we cruised down 24th and 25th streets so mommy could see all the perfect homes for the perfect families. i pick our trick or treating neighborhoods based on which cute houses i want look at. every year marc has to drag me back to the car. he finds it no end of funny that i moan and groan when his parking spot isn’t close enough to winco, yet i would gladly hike 6 miles, in the cold, if it involved oogling houses.


the best part about the kids’ costumes are their butts. when they waddle down the sidewalk all breeds of females swoon left and right. it’s understandable. you almost want to bite ’em.


here is jehu processing the transaction benefits of dressing up like a chicken. my favorite was when and old man gave gideon a second m&m’s saying, “here, take another one.” gideon was like, “oh, here take another one, oh and another one.” then he turned around and left after saying, “you’re welcome.”


back home with the loot. if the grandma’s are worried, mommy will take care of most of that.




3 Responses to “the lion and the chicken, the sequel”

  1. 1 mom November 1, 2007 at 8:26 am

    they are too cute. so did elizabeth go with them? gideon do you like to wear makeup like mommy. jehu you are a ham. don’t eat all your candy in one day. gramdma

  2. 2 mom November 1, 2007 at 8:36 am

    miranda did you see any cool houses. mia went as a witch and rezon went as a turtle. but i think natalie got the most candy. i like the almond joys the best. we got lots of full size candy bars. for tricks this year i bought animal crakers, juice bags and popcorn

  3. 3 MaijaBlog November 6, 2007 at 5:15 am

    Great costumes. So fun to see how they are growing up. They grow up soooo quickly! Almond Joys were our kids favorite candy bars this year too. Ours kids pics are on the cousins website — 2 makeup intense costumes and creations from boxes.

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