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gayla, boy and i (accompanied by scroms) went on the heritage homes tour saturday. gayla and i had fun deliberating over who got what house. boy proved entirely useless when consulted on the matter. “how should i know, why should i care?” this is the reassuring response one should expect from one’s husband when pressed about general feminine madness. we did manage to survive without his advice and saddled grandma sandy with the shaw house.


i am afraid something drastic needs done to the front porch and all the knick knacks need to be drug out and burned. the place made marc queezy.


this is the dining room with the ugliest wall paper on the planet. it’s amazing how they were able to find the same ugly upholstery, and cover all their chairs with it. very industrious. and sorry natalie and reuben, you’re still living with mom and dad. although you could bunk with sarah, her house is a monster and entirely free of chintz.


it’s actually the catholic parish house. sad to say, there weren’t any decent pictures of the inside. the place was inhabited by 12 strange celibates with indifferent taste (at best). it might be a good idea if there were some circulating, fashion, nuns in the business. but no one asked me.


this is the house gayla picked out. it’s actually much larger than it looks so there is plenty of room for grandkids.


with a secret cupboard under the stairs, too.


but gayla mostly wanted it for the bathroom (which there were four of, by the way).


and this is my, all my (sorry, first come, first serve). i have been watching this house for a couple years now. some people had bought it and moved it from the methodist’s parking lot (where it had been abandoned, in very sad shape, for quite some time). it was neat to see it finally restored.



the dining room was painted the neatest shade of gray. it really didn’t feel too dark at all. the only thing that didn’t work was the tablecloth (it kind of fudged with the curtains and the chairs). but it still succeeded in being a nice, warm, cozy room. of course, it will be even warmer when mavis paints it coral.


this is the lovely landing with all the original woodwork. i especially liked what they did with the kitchen. such nice colors and hardly a knick knack in sight. some people could learn from this, i believe.


this is the girl’s bathroom upstairs (just overlook the fact that the vases aren’t evenly spaced on the back of the toilet, and if you can’t, know that you are not alone).


and here is the cool chandelier in one of the kiddo’s rooms.


this is megan’s house.


and her cool le corbusier chair.


with the dead cow on it. everybody needs one of those. and this is the dining room ceiling.


with little gold stars all over it. i guess it was some kind of vintage, reproduction wall paper. if you want some you have to go to san fransisco. and i do.

this is becca’s house. it’s for sale too. $669,000, a real steal. i just don’t know what to do with those beastly dormers. maybe you could turn them into juliet balconies? and it needs painted. very ugly color.


it was amazing how original this house has remained (you should see the bathrooms). usually these cool old homes get mutilated into apartment complexes. i thought becca would like it. and doug would never suffer a dull moment. imagine the state of the plumbing.


you can tell they tried to modify the kitchen in order to sell it for the aforementioned, outlandish amount of money. but they forgot upper cabinets. i don’t know where you will stash food. they tried to create more space by busting out onto the screened porch. which was neat because it brought one of the cool, sandstone walls inside. but still, a rather questionable tactic.


and someone has to paint over the cherubs on the landing. i think they are awful. heinous, is another word.


and last but not least, auntie piolet gets the libary. i’m sure she could turn it into some kind of charitable facility. what are your plans, dear?


this was boy’s choice, but i vetoed him. it would be too hard to live in a style that was on par with the building. although i am sure this thought never pricked marc’s conscience. he would use up the extra space with an indoor skate park. concrete floors and exposed ventilation systems, anyone? it’s hard being married to an architect. in any case, we’ll trade you if your not up to it, hon.



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  1. 1 mom October 22, 2007 at 10:08 am

    it looks like you had too much fun. i like my house and i even like the wall paper. it looks like a bed and breakfast? how many house did you tour? sorry i did not get back to you yesterday. mitchell had the computer up and running before he left, but we were busy installing the stove pipe. which by the way accidental came down through the ceiling into the living room, landing on the hearth and breaking only 2 end tiles. it did not damage the new carpet or floor. have a wonderful day

  2. 2 Grandma Gayla October 22, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    Oh, Sandy, you lead a life, don’t you? You and I need to take the boys and go on a vacation together. Wanna come up and go to Redfish with me?
    The tour was fun, but the house they gave you was awful. Maybe if they hauled out about 9/10s of the crap and painted, it’d be great. It’s a bed and breakfast, but I wouldn’t want to stay there. I actually liked the library best too–I’d keep the circulation desk and make people check out my books.
    Gideon and Jehu were bored. And they were very well behaved little boys for being bored, too.

  3. 3 violeta October 22, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    only if i can put in a pool and roof top garden…

  4. 4 megan October 22, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    i like my house. no trading. and the ceiling paper is neat-o. probably worth more than my car…

  5. 5 mom October 23, 2007 at 8:24 am

    were is redfish? sounds like fun. yes, we have been very busy this last month. but i am encouraged because we are actually working on some very much needed projects. heat is always nice. but wouldn’t it be fun to spoil the boys together? you plan it and i will make it work. hopefully this spring.

  6. 6 Merrylin December 15, 2007 at 12:54 am

    YeaH / very nice and interesting houses with amzing bathrooms and nice style.Thanx for sharing this shot. Good idea for me.Rgds

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