linguine with creamy zucchini sauce

lately, i’ve been trying a new recipe every day. i think it has something to do with the fact that i’m pregnant and find food somewhat irresistible. my husband says it’s because i’m spoiled and can’t eat the same thing twice, which is also true. that being the case, when i do find the things i could eat over and over, i am particularly pleased.


and i could eat this all day long (which also turns out to be problematic). oh well, i plan on indulging this (hopefully) short period of excess, to see if in the end, i can turn out a reliable cookbook. i’m tired of hit and miss recipes and would like some favorites to put on mindless rotation, for when i’m not food obsessed.

i would also like to announce that my contentions with the cereal aisle are over. goody.


i am an anti-breakfaster, but only in the sense that if no one is going to wake up and make me waffles and fried baby chickies, i’d rather not suffer. cereal kind of makes me sick. if i do eat it, i will mostly likely need to chase it with a handful of doritos or a nice, cold, fake hot dog. mmm. something to do with blood sugar, i think. anyways, this seems to hit the spot if any of you appear to have the same trouble. now i can dine in breakfast harmony with my grapenuts loving (fake bacon hating) husband.


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