a few of my favorite things

salt being the first and most important (it’s also on my christmas list). when i’m out and about and am compelled to use normal salt, i feel quite jaded. “what is this? this isn’t salt.” co-op’s usually have a little gourmet salt section that you should acquaint yourself with. did you know it comes in all different colors and from all different places? although i would warn against trying “dead sea salt”, even though it does have such a charming, pinkish color. be not deceived (as if the name itself doesn’t give it away).


i am still on the search for the perfect face moisturizer. i have a touch of psoriasis so i tend to steer towards organic skincare. if not, i would positively bathe in estee lauder idealist skin refinisher. it does all that i ask; it mattifies, evens out skin tone, obliterates redness and minimizes pores, all in one shot. instant, visible results at a price you can’t mention to your husband. (if, in your defense, you try to describe the bit about mattification and pore minimization, they are still incapable of seeing any relation between that and $70.) so, on to cheaper and better things. trilogy evens out skin tone, mattifies, and absorbs instantly to produce a lasting, even finish. no shine, no grease, and as an added bonus, no parabens (whatever those are). my skin is exceedingly dry (as in, flaking off everywhere) so while this goes on light and absorbs instantly, it is still effective all day. all that being said, i still wish someone would just hook me up with some botox. that’s what i really need.


ecover is another irresistible product from new zealand (same as trilogy). it’s $3 a bottle and dilutes indefinitely. which is good, because i am terribly trigger happy. i can’t wash the table, counter, anything for that matter, without squirting it first. so i decant 1 cap-ful to squirt bottle, and enjoy myself immensely. you don’t have to worry about using it in the kitchen (or accidentally misting the fruit bowl), it’s harmless but effective. it took the crayon right off my cupboards, so impressed.


nature’s plus is a pre-natal vitamin my sister recommended too me. i had tried several when i was pregnant with gideon, only to find that they all made me nauseous (including ‘rainbow light’). this one is food based and very mellow. i don’t notice it at all, although sometimes i like to look at the “energy supplement” title on the label and see if i can conjure up any placebo effects. not sure on that so far. am still a lazy bum.


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