i ran off some bookplates yesterday, from the martha stewart template. it was expensive. $1 a color copy and $1 a sheet of sticky paper. next time i will use a glue stick. (my husband says i could just write my name in with a pen…)


anyways, i am sending my favorite books off to the church library, to share. mostly, i’m trying to encourage myself to buy new books. next on the list, “idols for destruction“, “for a glory and a covering“, “getting serious about getting married” and “searching for god knows what“. which will also be shared, just after i finish reading them.


i’m also putting in our set of the mojo oracles and a cd selection of some mars hill sermons and evan’s series on romans. if things like this actually interest you, and you don’t go to church with me, i’d still hook you up. better yet, it would be great if you could recommend me something. i read lots, but my ‘favorite book’ pile is pretty slim. is it always so hit and miss?


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  1. 1 mom October 5, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    bought you something at a yard sale. you will like. pink and black. but alas it is nothing you can read love mom.

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